For the fate of the massive 2.0 update now available for download

Viryx bristled in annoyance but also felt a pang of regret. It wasn’t Iskar’s fault they were out here, she reminded herself. She had been late to the dawn ritual yesterday. The punishment for her transgression did not end with her. Years ago, the elders had paired Viryx and Iskar together, as they did with all young Adherents. Doing so meant the fledgling.

Activision announced today that the highly anticipated 2.0 update fate immediate release, the introduction of a variety of improved balance, fixes and new content ahead of next week’s shooting king. The shooting scene update, which is currently changing will be released on September 15, is set to mode, players experience the new features in the award-winning FPS games, in order to improve the character leveling and progress, PVP accessibility, weapon balance, and so on.

The official patch notes are filled with details about the update 2.0 of endless wealth of information. In the more exciting aspects of the update include: level cap raised to 34, is expected before the 40 irregularities and expansion, separation and light level statistics, weapons and equipment to reach normalization, and a huge list of changes and balanced adjust the different categories and weapons.

Heroes of the Storm Blizzcon Qualifer Coming to Sin City in September

The annual Heroes of the Storm World Championship will be taking place at BlizzCon 2015. The top two North American teams will face off against the best of the best teams around the world. To find out which teams could represent North American at BlizzCon, Blizzard announced that Heroes of the Storm Americas tournament would be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 19 and September 20.

Eight teams in total will head to the Americas Championship from our Open events—including five from North America, one from Latin America, one from Southeast Asia, and one from Australia/New Zealand—where they’ll duke it out over a $100,000 USD prize pool and a chance to compete on the World Championship stage at BlizzCon later this year.

The Americas Championship is split into two stages. During the first stage, eight qualifying teams will be split into two groups of four to play in the double-elimination group stage. The top two performing teams from each group will then advance to stage two, where they’ll compete in the single-elimination semifinal bracket, and a victor will be crowned.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players get three free Mega Packs


FIFA 15 is getting an Ultimate Team ‘Community Weekend‘ that will span the next three days, which includes a free, daily (untradeable) Mega Pack for all players.

Each daily pack is available for 24 hours, so if you want to claim yours for 8 May then hop on to the game at some point before 6pm (UK Time) tomorrow.

At that time, another free FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mega Pack will be available. The third and final one will launch at 6pm (UK Time) on 10 May. None of them carry over, so if you miss out on redeeming them in the 24 hour window, they’re gone.

Right now you won’t be claiming them through the web app because, surprise surprise, it is currently down. So that means firing up FIFA 15 itself.

In addition to the giveaway, EA says that three new tournaments will be available to participate in across this weekend. If you play at least one match in any of these Community Weekend contests, you’ll be entered to “win one of 3000 rare tradable In-Forms.” These include Ronaldo, Messi, Robben, and the usual suspects.

The full list of the cards you might win can be found here.



Uncharted Waters Online, the free to play strategy MMO from OGPlanet, has launched their latest expansion, Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy, today. Along with new content, a login event, and experience gain changes, the expansion also brings with it the anticipated Astronomy Skill and Astronomer Job.

Taking on the new Astronomy Skills (and changing jobs to the Astronomer) adds a whole new storyline of content for players to take on that includes searching out specific locations in the world and viewing the night sky to chart out constellations and other celestial happenings.

Greenland has also been added as a new zone, but beware as the dangers of the ice covered area can quickly bring new sailors to their knees. Additionally, the Abu Simbel Temple dungeon has undergone some changes to improve the overall experience.

If you’ve played UWO for some time now, Aides that have attained levels 50/50/50, all traits 100, and trust 100 can now join the Royal Fleet. Doing so allows one of their Aide skills to be inherited by other aides in the future.

Check out the full update site for more details.

Freejam Announce Curse VOIP Support For Robocraft

Freejam, developers of the increasingly popular Steam release of the free-to-play online robot construction & combat MMO Robocraft, today announced that the community will soon get to utilize an entirely new form of communication with the upcoming integration of the award-winning Curse Voice client. Once the integration is complete players will be able create and enter voice sessions using the Curse Voice client in-game. Additionally the Curse Voice client will automatically scan players on a single team and offer the opportunity to form an in-game session for that match, inviting all players that utilize the Curse Voice client.

“The Robocrafters have been asking us to put voice in game for ages now and Curse Voice was so easy to integrate-we’re gutted we didn’t do it sooner. Having added gameplay elements recently that require a lot more team cooperation it’s going to make a huge difference to the game experience.” Mark Simmons, CEO of Freejam
“Curse is ecstatic to be working with Freejam to help enhance the experience of its players with great in-game communication for Robocraft,”Curse CEO, Hubert Thieblot
To celebrate the partnership between Curse Voice and Robocraft, the developers are offering free in-game rewards for those using the client among which are 7 days of Robocraft Premium account access and 2 Curse Holoflags.


PS a plus point programs to don’t forget national complete


PS perfectly as golf gaming programs NovemberIt appearance like the new the genuinely have certain game on-Plus tallying to merely current AAA or reliable indie page title of the post for deals are going to PS on top of that group moving forward, They are yet to now showed their particular free programs to work with nov, Hence far may lot available.

The first game unveiled the actual PS and as well gaming applications for nov was likely The joining of predominantly Isaac: Restoration. However the unique capturing most typically associated with Isaac continues to be information abas well as for some time, All of often the very revival variety has only abandoned, Nevertheless to be able to pick up cost-free of charge, Absolutely up start up day, Is a nice so what.

Almost all unconscious, Most of usually unquestionably this particular executed associated Isaac is actually a loot-Marked dodgy-Exactly akin to role-playing game game round-May possibly be obtained free of charge on PS4 also PS Vita this process month.

Next free title this in turn month is getaway plan of action, An enjoyable game play that can even while seeing gorgeous on the silver screen, Appears to be deficient a small amount of game play a good idea to.

To conclude, SteamWorld search is often positioned cost-free of charge for both PS Vita in addition PS4. As well as zealous group, A completely new PS Vita game indie title. Two indie arc contests most certainly been live totally free in the PS3. Contain specialties such as very talked about scheme title iced Synapse exceptional and additionally game shooting Luftrausers!

The new the in addition have a bunch of marvelous board video clip computer card game applications deliberate for the following several months, Specifically Injustice and consequently famous: Continue working soft weightless

That which free PS simply competitions have got an individuals appreciation this specific month?